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Ep 1 - White Women Killed Yoga

In this episode, we discuss the role that white women play in killing yoga. We cover topics like spiritual bypassing, white fragility, cultural appropriation, power dynamics and the cultural characteristics of white women that wreaks havoc on the yoga industry. We wrap the episode with a toolkit for yoga studio owners, yoga teachers, and the yoga community at large to do better with diversity and inclusivity in the name of yoga.

We want to acknowledge that this topic is going to be difficult for a lot of you who might be listening. If you’re white, you might hear a stereotype and think “well that’s not all of us.” And while that may be true, it’s the same as saying “not all men.” In our experience, white people – especially white women, don’t respond well to being generalized or stereotyped. So, if this episode makes you feel upset, angry or defensive, we suggest you sit with those feelings and reflect on why your feelings are more valid than ours.

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